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8Queens Software Development Company Chennai

About Us

8Queens Software Development Company Chennai

8Queens is primarily engaged in the business of Customized Software Development, Web Application Development, Digital Marketing, Website Development, Mobile Application, ERP, and GST Billing

Areas of Technical Competency

Web Design HTML5, CSS3, JavsScript, BOOTSTRAP 4, Tailwind CSS
Languages Node.js, PHP 7.4, Dart, Vue.js, AJAX
Tools Visual Studio, Laravel Framework 8, Flutter
RDBMS ORM, MySql, Maria DB 10.3
Platforms Linux, Digital Ocean, Siteground, Cloudways

Domain Expertise

Education (Online Classes)
Financial Applications
Assets And Inventory Management System
HR & Payroll
GST Billing Sofware
Travel And Tourism
Manpower Consultancy

Products And Services

Why Us

8Queens Software Development Company Chennai


8Queens has developed applications for Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, MSME’s, Private Companies which includes leading industries in various fields and leading professionals in the field of Legal, Auditing, Financial Advisory and Consultations.

8Queens has developed several Customized Software as required by the Business Entrepreneurs. We design and develop custom apps for simplifying the routine works of your business, monitoring the day to day activities of the employees (Real-time reporting), Planning and task management, Team collaboration and Easy access to business documents.

Our apps help in digital transformation of your enterprise by supporting innovation across several areas and which in turn support to improve the quality of work, workflow and productivity of your enterprise.

Working With Us

In view of the fact that 8Queens has worked with new upcoming entrepreneurs as well as with leading professionals and Business Entrepreneurs, we are expertized to work with any level of Entrepreneurs and professionals.

We first, gather your requirements by few personal meetings, video conference or phone calls as per your convenience.

Once we get a clear picture of the project or proposal, we propose solution for the same. We will explain how the application works (overview) and the process, timeline, pricing structure etc..

After the discussion and necessary inputs from your side, we will build the product. Upon the completion of initial state, we will conduct a demo, as per your convenience. After deployment, monitoring and testing of the project, we will make necessary inputs to complete the project. We will be happy to make the necessary inputs as required by you.

As we are flexible in our approach, we collaborate with you to construct the best approach of the project.

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